Research Overview

Aqualinc staff are passionate about doing research that equips communities and individuals with the knowledge and tools for world-class water and nutrient management.  Management that is better for the environment, better for the economy and better for our country.

The core purpose of our research is to lead New Zealand forward in these areas:

Research Area


Water Management: Limit Setting

Information, methods and tools for Evidence-Based Decision Making for Setting Standards and Limits with respect to water quality and water allocation.

“Real-Time” Water Management

Practical methods and systems for operating within water quality and allocation limits and maximising socio-economic benefits of water and nutrient use.


Information, methods and tools for Irrigation Planning, Design and Management

(covering both fresh water and effluent irrigation systems).

Integrated water flow modelling

Information, methods and tools for Integrated modelling of water flows in and between groundwater systems, rivers, lakes and water uses.


Increasing understanding of the dynamic response to natural forces and human activities of water and nutrient flows and volumes in groundwater systems, and in the unsaturated zone between the water-table and the land surface.

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