Helen Rutter

Senior Groundwater Hydrologist

DDI: +64 3 964 6516

Email: h.rutter@aqualinc.co.nz

  • BSc Hons

  • PhD

  • Chartered Geologist (GSL)

Helen is a hydrogeological research scientist with 28 years’ expertise. This includes 17 years with the British Geological Survey working on varied hydrogeology projects in the UK and Africa. She has expertise in resource assessment, recharge processes, groundwater flooding, catchment characterisation, geology and geochemistry, and also considerable expertise in the application of GIS techniques to assist in analysing spatial data. Her current areas of expertise include:

  • assessment of source protection zones and aquifer vulnerability assessment,

  • impacts of sea level rise and climate change on water resources and groundwater flooding,

  • earthquake impacts on groundwater resources  and flooding, and

  • assessment of groundwater quality impacts from land use change.

She is a Chartered Geologist (Geological Society of London), a Research Adjunct at the University of Canterbury, and a member of the Executive Committee of the Hydrological Society of NZ.