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Tim Kerr

Water Scientist

DDI: +64 3 940 4768

Email: t.kerr@aqualinc.co.nz

  • Ph.D. (Geography) University of Canterbury

  • M.Sc (Geography), University of Canterbury

  • B.Sc (Computing), Massey University

Tim is a data analyst with specialist knowledge of the hydrological world.

Records of rainfall, streamflow, groundwater depth or climate data are Tim’s bread and butter. Tim analyses these data for relationships and long term trends to enable improved efficiency and management of water. Tim has a particular interest in data process automation for provision of regular updates of hydrological measures to keep you up-to-date with the latest observations and forecasts.

Tim came to the world of hydrology following an earlier career in electronics product development, which culminated in a job as a science technician in Antarctica for a year. Tim’s interaction with scientists in Antarctica motivated him to re-train, so began his research career.

Two of his early research projects (his PhD at the University of Canterbury, and his MBIE-funded Bright Futures post-doctoral fellowship hosted by NIWA) involved installing precipitation gauge networks in the Southern Alps to help refine the knowledge of where our irrigation, hydro-electricity and flood waters come from. This background in field hydrology was added to his computing skills to efficiently process large amounts of data.

These skills saw him working as a hydro-meteorologist in Chile where he developed a seasonal stream flow forecast system in the Coquimbo region.

Tim returned to New Zealand to work as a water scientist at Aqualinc, where he has included groundwater in his quiver of hydrological parameters to analyse.