At Aqualinc, we conduct cutting-edge research on water and land, tackling areas such as groundwater and irrigation management, changes in land use, nitrate management, and the impacts of climate change on groundwater.

Our ongoing research projects and our commitment to following local and global research advances underpins all our services, ensuring our clients benefit from the most up-to-date knowledge.

Current and past funders of our research work include regional councils; Irrigation New Zealand; the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (Endeavour Fund, Natural Hazards Research Platform); the Deep South Science Challenge; the Marsden Fund; the Ministry for Primary Industries; the Ministry for the Environment; and the New Zealand Business Council for Sustainable Development.


Our Research

At Aqualinc, we are dedicated to continually evolving our understanding of how our water and land are impacted by changes to water resource management, changes in land use and changes in our climate across New Zealand. We encourage our team to further their knowledge by following and participating in the latest research. Some of the areas we focus our research energies on include:
Water management – limit-setting
Water management – limit-setting
Developing new methods and tools so we can help central and local government set standards and limits with respect to water quality and water allocation
‘Real-time’ water management
‘Real-time’ water management
Providing practical methods, tools and systems so we can help consent users operate within water quality and allocation limits
Continually improving the methods and tools we use for irrigation management and irrigation design (covering both freshwater and effluent irrigation systems)
Integrated water flow modelling
Integrated water flow modelling
Developing methods and tools for integrated modelling of water flows in and between water sources such as groundwater systems, rivers and lakes
Increasing our understanding of water flow and contaminant transport in groundwater system
Climate and climate change
Climate and climate change
Assessing the impacts of climate change on irrigated agriculture, infrastructure and groundwater systems
As we deepen our knowledge across the Aqualinc team, we become better placed to offer up-to-the-minute advice to primary industries, regulatory bodies, and central and local government.

Work with Us

Keeping ahead of the latest advances in water and land research enables us to offer the best advice to our clients, from primary industries to research organisations and government bodies — and conducting our own research in association with some of the major water and land stakeholders in New Zealand gives our advisory work an additional edge.

If you would like to discuss a future research project, or find out more about the research we are currently involved in and how this supports the services we provide for our clients, please get in touch.

Client feedback…

From my perspective, I value and respect Aqualinc’s work as they are leaders in their field, are cost effective, timely and importantly independent and not interested in on-going design work, that could otherwise conflict with their advice.
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