Resource Consents & Compliance

As independent consultants rather than advocates, we work collaboratively with councils and resource consent users to develop long-term, sustainable solutions that consider the social, economic, environmental and cultural considerations of water and land use.

What We Do

Our expert team has an in-depth understanding of the consenting process and how different types of resource use can impact outcomes for New Zealand’s water and land resources. We have also assisted with writing many of the guidelines that define how to use land and water most effectively in New Zealand, while considering the environmental impacts of water and land-use changes. 

Here are just some of the ways we work with our clients at all stages of the consenting process to ensure that all consent users are operating within the latest guidelines:


  • Assessing the effects of taking groundwater

  • Testing and analysing aquifers

  • Testing and assessing water availability, flow rate and efficiency

  • Mitigating the potential effects of abstraction using innovative solutions

  • Reviewing, assessing and determining community drinking water protection zones

Surface Water

  • Assessing the effects of taking and diverting surface water

  • Gauging river and stream flow 

  • Assessing supply reliability

  • Reviewing intake and system design

Effluent and Wastewater

  • Assessing the environmental effects of discharges from farming operations, industrial operations and community wastewater systems

  • Designing effluent and wastewater storage and discharge systems

  • Testing seepage from wastewater storage ponds 

  • Assessing sites for suitability for receiving discharges

Land Use

  • Assessing a site’s capacity for land-use change and receiving discharges, particularly with respect to the land treatment of wastewater

  • Reviewing the impacts on groundwater and community drinking water protection zones


Work with Us

Managing the use of New Zealand’s water and land resources while maintaining resource security is a responsibility for us all. We work closely with councils, other government bodies and organisations to assist them with consent compliance for their region. By ensuring that water and land resources are managed fairly and within agreed limits, they can then ensure that all New Zealanders and New Zealand businesses have access to the resources they need to thrive.

Whether your council, government body or organisation is reviewing existing consents, evaluating the potential of new allocations or assessing new community drinking water protection zones, we can provide the expertise you need to model alternative options, test new sites and deliver effective outcomes for everyone in the community. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help.

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